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Rockledge Apartments Host Film Screenings with Dragon*Con

By on Mar 08

Once again, Rockledge Apartments is offering their residents an experience they cannot get anywhere else in Atlanta – Dragon*Con year round! Dragon*Con is the largest science fiction and fantasy convention in the nation, and, even if you are not a Twi-hard or a Star Trek mega fan, you have certainly heard of Dragon*Con. The convention completely takes over downtown Atlanta during labor day weekend. It is such a large event that it can’t even fit in one hotel, and it attracts attendees from all over the world. Did you see Avatar or Spider-Man in the theater and enjoy it? Well, these are the types of movies highlighted at Dragon*Con each year.

Now that we have a history of the convention, you must be asking yourself what it could possibly have to do with a

luxury apartment community in Marietta? Well Rockledge and Dragon*Con have announced a collaboration that will begin this May at the grand opening of the community clubhouse. Once complete, the movie theater at Rockledge will be home to monthly film screenings from Dragon*Con!

These screenings will be independent movies from local filmmakers, and you never know but you could be watching the first production from the next James Cameron or Peter Jackson. Each month will have a different theme that relates to the featured movie.

The 18,000 square foot clubhouse is complete with an intimate 80-seat movie theater on the third level. To offer an authentic movie-going experience for attendees, the theater is equipped with surround sound and stadium seating. Making the evening even better, complimentary popcorn and beverages will be provided by Rockledge. Tickets to the film screenings will be open to residents of the Marietta apartments first, and, if there are any remaining tickets, they will be offered to the public.


Dragon*Con monthly screenings just add one more reason to the already long list of reasons why you should lease an apartment at Rockledge.

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