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Strong Demand for Atlanta Apartments

By on Mar 14

You may have heard it from your parents or loved ones: Buying a house is always better than renting an apartment. However, for young professionals who are new to the corporate working world, renting a chic downtown Atlanta apartment is not only a popular option, but also a responsible choice for those looking to live close to their places of employment. Add that to stricter lending standards and lack of buyers with a down payment, and all signs point to an impending Atlanta apartment boom noted John Burns Real Estate Counseling inĀ 

Professional Builder.

The article also states that the population of 20 to 34 year olds is expected to grow considerably within the next few years. This is likely to increase the number of renters in the housing market.

Plus, 1.2 million adults had to move back in with parents during the housing recession, leaving many more than ready to fly the nest and spread their wings in their own space.

What do you think? Did you have to move in with your parents during the housing recession? Are you interested in renting an apartment in a trendy, downtown location, or are you considering the prospects of buying? Give us your feedback.

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