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Atlanta Apartment Rents on the Rise

By on Apr 30

According to recent analytics from

TransUnion Corporation, national apartment rents were up 4.4 percent in the first quarter. Leading the way was the Atlanta market, which saw a 6.3 percent increase.

The average rent for the nation increased to $865 from $829, while Atlanta average rent increased to $783from $737. Atlanta was the only market that saw such a significant increase in rental prices. Many markets, including Denver, Chicago and Los Angeles, are still experiencing declines in rental prices.

“It’s not a surprise that rental prices increased in the first quarter as recent industry data revealed that vacancy rates reached their lowest levels since 2001,” said Mike Mauseth, president of TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions. “Our data highlights the fact that rental markets must truly be observed city by city as there are differences even in the largest metro areas situated relatively close to each other. For instance, our analysis revealed that rental prices dropped in Houston and Los Angeles while they increased in Dallas and San Diego.”

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